For over 3 years, I’ve been writing a collective memoir exploring Armenianness since the genocide of 1915. It’s an international story, since as many as 8 million Armenians are spread across the globe. Only 3 million live in Armenia.


A year ago, I was in Armenia, just starting to figure out how I could spend two months researching there without actually speaking Armenian.

I had concerns the trip wouldn’t go well, that I’d have little good to say about Armenia. In fact it was the opposite – I have far too much I want to share. I loved travelling in Armenia and met many others who felt the same. I understand why it’s popping up on so many top-ten travel destination lists.

After Armenia, I pitched many travel and informative articles on Armenia, managed to get a few published (most in Finnish). But mostly I kept working on the book:

Interviews: 130 people in Canada, Australia and Armenia, representing 12 nationalities (I’m still doing interviews in Australia to refine my understanding, fill in missing pieces. I even had the opportunity to interview Stepan Kerkyasharian, chairman of NSW’s Multicultural Commission).


  • First draft: 192,000 words, completed May 2013
  • Second draft: 157,000 words, completed July 2013
  • Third draft: 139,000 words, completed August 2013

I started the book in early 2010. I knew practically nothing about Armenian history or culture, or the genocide. I completed a master’s degree with a thesis on Armenian diasporan cultural identity to increase my understanding. I spoke on the genocide and its denial at various conferences.

The book is a synthesis of everything I’ve learned and experienced. The third draft is finally pulling everything together in a cohesive, coherent way. It’s the fourth draft that I plan to send out into the world. Wish me luck – I’m sure I’ll need some.


2 thoughts on “Retrospective

  1. Wish you all the luck in the world …. but you don’t really need it … the book sounds as interesting and insightful as you are. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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